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Programmable Microcomputer Control Panel (PMCP)

The Programmable Microcomputer Control Panel (PMCP) operates all types of Automatic Transfer Switches, Breaker Pair Switch Schemes, and Main-Tie-Main Transfer Schemes.

The PMCP Controller is the most versatile and cost effective controller on the market for Transfer Schemes. It is used for new installations, custom designs, field modifications, upgrades, retrofits, and Switchgear applications in low and medium voltage systems.

Using the PMCP Controller will reduce your engineering, labor, parts, and installation costs.

No other controller can match the performance, versatility, and simplicity of the PMCP Controller.

PMCP Standard Features:

  • Low Voltage (accepts 120-600v directly) and Medium Voltage (2K-15KV) applications
  • Programmable transfer schemes:
    • Standard Open
    • Closed Transition with recovery, alarms, and lockout feature
    • Soft Load with control inputs
    • Delayed Transition with programmable center off delay
    • Load Add/Shed (Load Dump)
    • Load Disconnect: disconnect load before transfer and re-connect after transfer (delay is programmable)
  • Over & Under voltage and frequency detection on Utility and Emergency: functions 81, 59, 47, & 27
  • Programmable transfer time delays, Engine Cool Down and momentary outage delays on both sources
  • Programmable Transfer Switch time: 50 ms â�� 600 ms
  • Full Engine Exerciser
  • An In-Phase sensor: function 25
  • Phase Rotation detection on Utility and Emergency
  • Transfer History Logging and Event Recording: records the last 99 transfer events
  • A 26-position Terminal Block for easy access of features/accessories
  • Replaces PLCs and other ATS Controllers/Control Panels
  • New Feature! KW Load Shed: The PMCP shall activate an output whenever the total KW of the load exceeds a pre-determined set point for more than 2 seconds (the Power Option PCB is required for this feature).

PMCP Dimensions: 9.0 in. x 10.5 in x 3.5 in Weight: 12 pounds

U L and CUL Listed: UL1008 for Transfer Schemes

Advantages of using the PMCP over PLC designs and other ATS controllers:

  • No software programming required
  • No inputs and outputs to configure
  • Setup operating parameters/settings/features within 60 seconds
  • No external AC or DC supply required for operation
  • Reduce extensive wiring labor
  • Reduce test time in the shop and in the field
  • Eliminate external monitors and transducers
  • NO PT's required for voltages less than 600 vac
  • Accepts Utility and Emergency sources
  • Select for low and medium voltage applications
  • Reduce engineering design time
  • Easy installation: no large cutout hole required
  • Provides versatility, flexibility, and expandability
  • Operate all types of ATS
  • Operate breaker control circuits of 120 vac or 125 VDC directly
  • Selectable for an ATS, Breaker Pair, or Main Tie Main Scheme
  • Select for Open, Closed, Soft Load, or Delayed transfer modes

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