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Mini Controller

The Mini Controller operates solenoid type Automatic Transfer Switches and Breaker Pair Transfer Schemes. The size and cost of the Mini Controller is very attractive for those applications where a basic OPEN Transition Transfer is required. The Mini Controller can be ordered for 208, 480, or 600 vac systems. Other operating voltages are available.

Note: When ordering, you will need to order an interface harness and specify the operating voltage.

Mini-Controller Standard Features:

  • Low Voltage applications: must specify operating voltage when ordering
  • RMS 3-Phase voltage sensing on Utility and 1-phase on Emergency source
  • Operate Breaker Pair Transfer Switch and solenoid operated Automatic Transfer Switches (old & new)
  • Operate the Transfer Scheme in OPEN Transition only
  • All settings, voltage, frequency, time delays, and operating parameters are fixed
  • A RS232 Port will interfacing to Display Panel and Laptop for viewing settings
  • 10-position Terminal Block features:
    • Test input
    • Load connected to Normal output
    • Load connected to Emergency output
    • Normal source available output
    • Emergency source available output
    • Time Delay Bypass input
  • Replaces PLCs and other ATS Controllers/Control Panels.

Mini Dimensions: 9.0 in. x 7.0 in x 3.5 in Weight: 7 pounds

U L and CUL Listed: UL1008 for Transfer Schemes

Advantages of using the PMCP over PLC designs and other ATS controllers:

Mini ControllerMini Controller

Mini Controller operating a leading manufacturer's ATS

Mini Controller Applications