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"We have a simple Solution"  

Emergency Transfer Controls (ETC) is your best choice for control upgrades on all types of Automatic Transfer Schemes. We upgrade and service controls on all types of Automatic Transfer Schemes:  

  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS): new, old, and obsolete of  all the major ATS manufacturers

  • Main-Main Breaker Pair Transfer Schemes (MM)

  • Main-Tie-Main Breaker Transfer Schemes (MTM)


We provide reliable and quality service with every upgrade and our knowledge, experience, and pricing are unmatched in the industry: Services we provide

Upgrading your existing Transfer Scheme controls is no longer a costly and painful experience. We keep it simple thereby keeping the cost low.

It is not necessary to replace the entire ATS because the controls are bad, old, or obsolete. Just replace the controls only. It's that simple.

"You can always pay more but why" 


Our services are widely used throughout the USA and Canada in various applications from major Medical Centers to Data Centers. A few of these applications can be viewed on our Power Point slide: click on link.... Run Power Point .

Benefits of using ETC:

  • One company for all your Control Upgrades

  • Top quality installation on all upgrades

  • Reduction in labor, wiring, parts, and engineering

  • We simply the design and installation

  • NO PLC, no software to write, and no expensive product license to buy

  • Minimize or eliminate shutdown time in most cases

  • Customize control schemes are standard for us

  • We use only the best controls for all upgrade projects

  • A 2-Year Warranty on installations


Company's philosophy   "No job is complicated, just different"


Should you have any questions or you would like to discuss your next upgrade project, give us call. We look forward to speaking with you.




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